Products - Supradyn

Products - Supradyn


The frantic daily rhythm and current lifestyle requires, in many cases, an extra dose of energy. That much needed to perform 100% at work, at home, in school and even to enjoy all our hobbies and activities.

That is why the Bayer laboratories have created a range of high quality and specialized multivitamin products that help supplement your daily diet, providing energy and an increase in the defenses in our body. Yes, we are talking about the brand Supradyn. Never before regaining vitality was that easy!

Supradyn puts at your disposal to buy a wide range of nutritional supplements based on vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients among others. Each of them, specific to each need.

What does the supradyn contain?

Supradyn Active Super breakfast, Supradyn Active Woman, other items with Magnesium and Potassium, Supradyn Energy Extra and Supradyn Junior Gummies, among others, are some of the multivitamins that you will find in our online pharmacy. For adults and children, there is always a product from the range of Bayer laboratories for you.

Created with the purpose of giving you back the energy and vitality in your day to day, avoiding losing minerals. Each range of supradyn is composed of specific components, for example:

1 - Active S.: It has a natural ingredient for the body, such as the antioxidant "Q10 connezima" ideal to enhance the body's energy.

2 - S. Junior Gummies: vitamin complex for children over 4 years old. It favors the growth and power the energy.

Which vitamin complex is better?

The best vitamin product on the market of the supradyn brand depends on each one of the needs that each one is looking for. Therefore, we recommend you identify your need and then find the Supradyn that best suits your needs to activate your energy and face fatigue.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us! Also, take advantage of the opinions that are in the products of other consumers and decide to buy.