Products - Avene

Products - Avene

Avène is one of the most prestigious brands of dermocosmetics worldwide. Its skin care products are based on the thermal water obtained in its own thermal station, which is suitable even for its application in the most sensitive and intolerant epidermis. In fact, it is also used in the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

Avène products for skin care

The main objective of Avène is to solve all the needs of skin care. Therefore, this brand has various lines of treatments for hygiene, hydration, sun protection, care of reactive skin and makeup.

Avène Cleanance is formulated for the treatment of oily skin and with acne problems. All its products are designed to care for the epidermis and, at the same time, eliminate impurities and imperfections of the face.

Tolérance extrême is the most suitable option for the essential treatment of sensitive skin.

XeraCalm A.D is an emollient care specially created to relieve atopic skin and with excessive itching.

Cold Cream products are formulated to nourish and soothe sensitive skin, whether normal or dry. In this way, it improves your comfort.

People with spots on their skin have a proven depigmenting treatment in D-Pigment, which is also well tolerated by most skins.

TriXera nutrition is a treatment for dry skin that can be used by the whole family, including children from 3 years of age, during their daily hygiene.

Likewise, Avène has different ranges of anti-aging treatments that will help us keep the skin young and fresh for a longer time. YstheAL is designed to reduce the first signs of aging and give luminosity to the epidermis, while Serenage is the most suitable option for comfort and vitality to the most sensitive mature skin. Choose the treatment that best suits your skin needs!