Products - Mustela

Products - Mustela

The care and protection of your baby's skin is called Mustela. The products of this brand are present for generations in the rooms of children for the care of their epidermis, but with the passage of time their catalog of products has been further expanded offering mothers and children innovative, safe and very effective products.

If you have ever tried Mustela products, you can definitely identify their characteristic children's smell. It is this aroma that will turn the care of the skin into a unique sensory experience, both for you and for your little one, by remembering your own childhood.

The product ranges Mustela

The experience of Mustela in the care of the skin of the babies turns these products into the best ones to protect and soften the infantile epidermis, from its first days of life and throughout its development.

The brand has 4 ranges, specialized in cutaneous care of mother and child:

• Maternity

• Baby

• Dermo-pediatrics

• Solar

The Maternity line it is the first designed for the care of the skin of pregnant women and recent mothers. It includes the improvement of skin firmness and comfort, as well as the prevention and treatment of stretch marks.

Baby is the range of products designed to take care of the cells of the normal skin of your baby in the toilet and the bathroom. In contrast, the products of Dermo-pediatrics are specially formulated to help treat the atopic and sensitive skin of younger children.

Likewise, we must bear in mind that the brand offers specific care products for nasal and ocular hygiene, as well as a comforting pectoral balm.

The cream for changing diapers and solar photoresistors High-tolerance and hypoallergenic sunscreens complete the Mustela range of products for the care of children's skin. solarAn integral treatment of the infantile epidermis!