WaterPik water Flosser classic Wp-70

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The oral irrigator can be used with mouthwash, massages and stimulates gums.

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WaterPik water Flosser classic Wp-70. Deep cleans between the teeth and under the gums. Designed to be used by more than one person he manages to eliminate the plaque in an effective manner as well as improving gingival health. This table irrigator operates when connected to the mains. Your toothbrush has a pressure control system and is connected to the base recharging was easily. The oral irrigator can be used with mouthwash, massages and stimulates gums. Eliminates 99.9% of the plate of the treated areas, 2 times more effective than dental floss at improving gingival health. Accessories rotate 360 °. It has a transparent tank 00 ml can be used as a lid. With up to 6 positions adjustable pressure control, it has a compact design and easy to transport. Suitable for all types of people, including carriers of orthodontics, implants, crowns, as well as specific needs such as diabetics or people with periodontal disease.

Includes the following parts: - standard nozzle. -Tip tongue cleaner. -Tip Pik Pocket.

How to use: use after brushing night according to the following instructions: -select low pressure for the home. -Direct the Jet making an angle of 90 ° to the gums. -Wait to launch the Jet until the nozzle is in the mouth and slightly close lips to avoid splashing, allowing water to flow freely from the mouth into the sink. -Leaning towards the sink and keep the arm angle perpendicular to the torso. -Adjust pressure according to their needs. -Before removing the nozzle mouth, turn off the device or interrupting the flow of water. -At the end of pull excess fluid and leave the tank is empty.

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