Sterimar Baby Physiological microdiffusion of seawater 50 ml

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Sterimar Physiological microdiffusion of seawater for daily nasal hygiene from 0 to 3 years. It favors the rest and feeding of the baby thanks to clear airways. Its microdiffusion application guarantees the necessary contact time for an optimal result and favors the absorption of marine minerals.

- Small size nozzle

Regular Price: £7.76


Content Price: 1.23€/10ml

Regular Price: £7.76


Content Price: 1.23€/10ml


Content Price: 1.23€/10ml


Sterimar Baby is an isotonic solution of 100% natural seawater, without chemicals that harm health.

Specially designed for the daily nasal hygiene of the baby at ages 0 to 3 years.

Its low pressure microspray allows an application in the form of a soft spray, which avoids the risk of suffocation of the baby.

Sterimar baby ensures proper nasal cleaning, improving baby's breathing and facilitating bottle feeding.

Its practical mouthpiece designed for babies is shorter to provide the mother with a more comfortable and safe application in any position.

The internal valve of your container, automatically closes after each application avoiding contamination of its contents.

The package size of Sterimar baby is ideal for carrying in the baby's diaper bag.

Mode of use

1) Quitar la tapa protectora de la lata

2) Insertar la boquilla en la parte superior

3) Recostar al bebé en posición lateral, o bién sentado con la cabeza inclinada de lado

4) Insertar suavemente el extremo redondeado de la boquilla en la fosa nasal del bebé y presionar la base de la boquilla para efectuar la aplicación

5) Quitar la boquilla del envase para lavarla con agua y jabón. Repertir la otra fosa nasal Vía de Administración Nasal..

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