Phyto Re30 treatment anti-Canas 50 ml

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Innovative treatment for gray hair repigmentante technology. Without color pigments.

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The first treatment was able to repigmenting the hair giving strength and softness.

Innovative patented technology repigmentante asset.

The peptide RE30 increases the synthesis of melanin, which helps revive the natural pigmentation of hair growth.

It also protects you from depigmentation, since it promotes the calatasa and inhibits hydrogen peroxide.

Contains an extract of the black Tulip, which strengthens the hair fiber, so vabbelo is a strong, persistent effect and soft.

As a result, clinical studies, reeds in 77%of cases, and natural repigmentation grew by 38%.

In the format and spray sticky texture of misting .

It contains no pigments.

Technical description

Fórmula 98% de origen vegetal.

Pharmaceutical review

Lo pueden usar tanto las personas con canas para repigmentarlas como aquellas que no tengan y deseen prevenir su aparición.

Mode of use

Aplicar 8 pulverizaciones una vez al día, sobre el cuero cabelludo seco o húmedo. Se aplica directamente sobre la raíz. No necesita aclarado.

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