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Food supplement for infusion with plants that help the welfare of the urinary tract.

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Content Price: 2.68€/10g

Regular Price: £9.79


Content Price: 2.68€/10g


Content Price: 2.68€/10g


40 sachets filters Herbensurin

Herbensurina is a dietary supplement in the form of envelopes-filter for infusion, with a careful mixture of herbs that help the welfare of the urinary tract.

They are present in the composition of Herbensurina:

* Herniaria glabra.: With diuretic and action known as "broken stones".

* Grass of the drugstores.: Traditionally used in urinary tract infections and prevention of urolithiasis.

-Tailed horse.: With mild diuretic action. * Elderflower cordial.: With diuretic and antibacterial action.


Each over-filter of Herbensurin contains: Hernia 1.0 g; Grass of the drugstores 0.25 g; Ponytail 0.15 g; Elder 0 g.

Signs: Welfare of the urinary tract

How to use: Drink 2 to 4 infusions per day.

Other information: Do not take Herbensurina if you are being treated with products for the control of blood pressure.

Format: 40 envelopes-filter for infusion kits. It exists also in presentation of 20 envelopes-filter

Product class: Dietary supplement. Sold in pharmacies and dietetic.

Advantages: The unique composition of Herbensurina makes this product a classic in the care of the urinary tract. Herbensurina maintains the properties that have made it legendary with a formulation adapted to current times.

Its remineralizing diuretic action facilitates the Elimination of urine while maintaining proper electrolyte balance. The most preferred phyto diuretic.

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Customer Reviews of 40 sachets filters Herbensurin

muy bueno resultado optimo
Review by isabel / (Posted on 23/11/2017)
Constancia en el uso de herbensurina ayuda a solucionar cálculos renales
Review by Nuxe / (Posted on 26/08/2017)
Espero que funcione
Review by ? / (Posted on 15/08/2017)
Muy satisfecho
Para mí como paciente con cáuclos renales, desde que la tomo no tengo molestias ya que me ayuda a la no formación de los cálculos, es muy diurético.
Review by Juan / (Posted on 18/04/2017)
Producto y servicio perfecto
Tomo dos sobres al dia para mis piedras del riñon y segun el medico me funciona muy bien. Sigo con ellos.
Sobre el precio y la entrega perfecto.
Review by Montserrat / (Posted on 31/01/2017)
Tomo un sobre diario como mantenimiento y es muy eficaz para eliminar arenilla en el riñón.
Review by Gabriel / (Posted on 29/11/2016)
muy buen precio y entrega immediata
Este producto me viene muy bien porque tengo arenilla en el riñón y tomándolo evito infecciones de orina, genial vamos!
Review by Marta / (Posted on 04/01/2016)
buen precio y eficaz entrega
Review by Atanasio / (Posted on 31/07/2014)
buen precio y entrega eficaz
Review by herbensurina / (Posted on 31/07/2014)
buen diuretico
Mi marido tiene piedras en el riñon, desde que toma herbensurina no ha tenido ningún cólico nefrítico.
Review by tuchi / (Posted on 28/05/2014)
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