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Glicoisdin 8% anti aging anti aging cream


Content Price: 5.48€/10ml


Content Price: 5.48€/10ml


Content Price: 5.48€/10ml


Glicoisdin 8 p ml anti aging cream

Suitable for facial care, specific for anti aging.

Glicoisdin is the range of products based on creams and gels for dry or oily, skin with glycolic acid at different concentrations, for the progressive facial anti aging.

Glycolic acid is the most used natural Alpha-hydroxyacid in the treatment of aged, dry and oily skin with impurities. Its action decreases the corneocitic cohesion of the stratum corneum, allowing a complete remodel of the epidermis, which translates into a more luminous, thin, smooth skin with less wrinkles and expression lines.

The action of glycolic acid is complemented with hydrating and restructuring of ceramides and Borage Oil. Your UV filters and vitamin E neutralizes aggression from external agents. It also contains aloe vera moisturizing and anti-irritant gel.

Question about Glicoisdin 8Pml anti aging cream

Para empezar a utilizar glicoisdin a que porcentaje de ácido es recomendable? porque imagino la piel se debe irritar.
Muchas gracias...
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