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Bexident gums Gingival Gel chlorhexidine


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Bexident gums Gingival Gel 50 ml chlorhexidine

Bexident gums is a range of products for daily (toothpaste and mouthwash) and treatment (mouthwash gel and spray) for the care and treatment of the gums.

Daily use products are characterized by the presence in their formula of triclosan to 0.3% free and encapsulated in cyclodextrins, an anti-plaque agent, soothing and effective in the maintenance of the gingivo dental hygiene and 0.22%, agent sodium fluoride Anticavity peak.

Treatment products are characterized by the presence in its formula of the agent most effective anti-plaque, the antiseptic chlorhexidine and adjuvant action of the excipient which reduces the adhesion of the bacterial palca.

By its content of dexpanthenol, DIPOTASSIUM glycyrrhizate and laureth-9 of soothing and regenerating properties, Bexident gums products reduce the inflammation of the gums damaged by gingivitis, keeping them in good condition. They provide maximum compatibility with the mucosa due to its alcohol-free formulation and its capacity of adhesion to the gum allows a sustained action. Its flavor is pleasant and very well accepted.

This product line is complemented by Bexident gums toothbrush (medium and soft) that offers maximum hygiene and protection of teeth and gums (thanks to their strands of tooth profile and polished and rounded tips), a broader reach in difficult areas) Thanks to their strands long at the end of the head) and a convenience due to the anatomic handle and non-slip knurled.

Technical description

Pantenol 0,30%; Fluoruro sódico 0,22% (995 ppm Flúor); Polietilenglicol Laurileter 0,25%; Glicirrizato dipotásico 0,25%; Alantoína 0,20%; Excipiente bioadhesivo aromatizado c.s.p.

Pharmaceutical review

En niños de 6 años o menores: utilizar una cantidad del tamaño de un guisante bajo la supervisión de un adulto a fin de minimizar el riesgo de ingestión.

Mode of use

Aplicar 2-3 veces/día con un cepillo suave realizando un delicado masaje sobre las encías o bien directamente sobre la zona afectada con ayuda de la cánula si el estado de la encía así lo requiere.

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Customer Reviews of Bexident gums 50ml Gingival Gel

Producto súper
Reduce rápidamente la inflamación de la encia y el sangrado. Deja muy buen sabor. Genial
Review by mariai / (Posted on 02/02/2014)
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