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Bexident mouthwash 500ml sensitive teeth

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Bexident mouthwash sensitive teeth

Regular Price: £11.43


Content Price: 0.14€/10ml

Regular Price: £11.43


Content Price: 0.14€/10ml


Content Price: 0.14€/10ml


Bexident mouthwash 500 ml sensitive teeth

Teeth Bexident sensitive is a range of products for daily (toothpaste and mouthwash) and treatment (gel and spray) to combat tooth hypersensitivity.

Its specific formula is based on potassium nitrate (maximum activity desensitizing agent) at different concentrations, in fluorine, which enhances the effectiveness of desensitizing and protects against cavities and triclosan, antiplaque agent, soothing and effective in the gingivo dental hygiene maintenance.

By its content of allantoin, dexpanthenol and DIPOTASSIUM glycyrrhizate of soothing and regenerating properties, it acts on the gums keeping them in good condition. Provides maximum compatibility with the mucosa due to its alcohol-free formulation and its adherence to the gum capacity allows a sustained action. Its flavor is pleasant and very well accepted.

Technical description

Nitrato potásico 5%: desensibilizante. Fluoruro sódico: anticaries y remineralizante. Dexpantenol, alantoína, laureth-9 y glicirrizato dipotásico: calmante y regenerador.

Pharmaceutical review

Mifarma recomienda mantener una buena higiene bucal a diario para evitar la aparición de problemas relacionados con los dientes y las encías.

Mode of use

Utilizar 3 veces al día, después de cada comida.

Llenar el vaso dosificador hasta la línea marcada.

Enjuagar sin diluir durante 60 segundos.

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Excelente colutorio, el envío rápido.
Review by Enca / (Posted on 24/06/2017)
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