Avene moisturizer 50 ml calming mask

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Recommended for sunburn, diffuse redness, you tension or skin irritation, dehydrated, turned off, or sensitive skin.

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Avene moisturizer 50 ml calming mask


Real hydration bath, leaves skin radiant beauty.

No parabens.

Your benefits:

or moisturizing *: moisturizing elements of your formula reconstructs the skin barrier and favor an optimal hydration to the skin.

or nourishing: thanks to safflower oil.

or calming: the thermal water of Avène, soothing and desensitizing, gives the skin a sensation of immediate well-being.

Skin layers

Is it intended for me?

Hydrating calming mask is especially indicated for cases of sunburn, diffuse redness, tension or skin irritation, skin off, dehydrated or sensitive.

The right gesture

or apply the mask in thick layer on the face.

or leave - 15 minutes.

or remove the surplus with a cotton makeup remover.

or complete care with a mild spray Avène thermal water.


Its original formulation facilitates the absorption of assets according to the needs of the epidermis.

Velvety and sticky to the touch, leaves skin smooth, calm and radiant beauty.

Soothing moisturizing mask is recommended for instant care in case of irritation, solar Erythema, diffuse redness or skin tightness, or soothing cure for dry, dull, tired skin or presenting a cutaneous hyperreactivity.

Non preservative

Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic product


Anti-irritant and soothing

Thanks to the thermal water of Avène, restores intense soothing and anti-irritant properties tired sensitive skins, without glare, or momentarily reactive (rashes, tightness, sunburn ...)

Nourishing and moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis

Its nourishing and moisturizing elements reconstitute the skin barrier and maintain optimal hydration.


Thermal water of Avène 72% safflower oil Glicols Unpreserved indications bath of softness for the tired, without glare, or momentarily reactive sensitive skin (rashes, tightness, sunburn)

Tips for use

Apply the hydrating calming mask in thick layer on the face.

Leave on 15 minutes and gently remove the surplus with a cotton for the make-up.

Then, spray a fine mist of Avène thermal water.

Clinical evaluations

Test of acceptability

Hydrating calming mask users plebiscitan their efficiency and pleased to use: skin comfortable, calm, hydrated, non-fat 0% and a pleasure to 0%.

Technical description

Avène thermal water 72%, Safflower Oil, Glicols, Without preservative.

Pharmaceutical review

Complete the care with a light spray of Avène Thermal Water.

Mode of use

Apply the mask in thick layer on the face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove the excess with a make-up remover cotton.

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Customer Reviews of Avene moisturizer 50 ml calming mask

La utilizo todas las mañanas. Muy bien.
Me gusta mucho su textura. Es muy agradable
Review by Eva / (Posted on 15/03/2016)
Hidratación excelente
Como toda la marca Avene, un producto de altísima calidad, deja la piel bien hidratada y suave , especialmente recomendada para después de la ducha o en verano ya que calma mucho cuando la piel está tirante o seca.
Review by Laura / (Posted on 20/07/2014)
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