WaterPik water Flosser Plus wireless 400

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Wireless flosser easier and more efficient that completes the dental floss for a deeper oral daily hygiene

Regular Price: £96.80


Regular Price: £96.80




Waterpik Flosser Plus wireless 400

Irrigator with autonomy of a week that reduces the level of Subgingival pathogens causing infections and oral inflammations.

With an ergonomic design that facilitates its use and takes up less space. The handle allows you to control the pressure with two positions. Its head is Rotary and your deposit can be easily filled with water, diluted mouthwash or mouthwash.

It removes 3 seconds 99.9% of oral biofilm of areas where other devices cannot due to the direct application of a pulsating water jet or another solution. Massages and stimulates gums.

Offers a deep clean of the crowns, implants and orthodontic appliances fixed, at the same time that facilitate access to the Periodontal pockets.

It reduces bleeding and improves gum health, prevents the occurrence of caries and controls inflammation of gums and gingivitis in addition to providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and hygiene.

Suitable for people who are prone to infections and oral inflammations. Useful also in people who carry orthodontics, implants or crowns, which tend to accumulate oral biofilm with greater ease.

With rechargeable battery.

It includes the following compatible spare parts:

-Standard nozzle.

--Orthodontic mouthpiece.

-Nozzle for inaccessible plate Seeker.

-Most fresh breath tongue cleaner.

-In addition it is compatible with the Pik Pocket tip and nozzle brush.

How to use of Waterpik Flosser Plus wireless 450

One minute a day is enough. Use in the evening after brushing according to the following instructions:

-Select a low pressure to the home.

-Direct the Jet making an angle of 90 ° to the gums.

-Wait to launch the Jet until the nozzle is in the mouth and slightly close lips to avoid splashing, allowing water to flow freely from the mouth into the sink.

-Leaning towards the sink and keep the arm angle perpendicular to the torso.

-Adjust pressure according to their needs.

-Before removing the nozzle mouth, turn off the device or interrupting the flow of water.

-At the end of pull excess fluid and leave the tank is empty.

For best results start from the molar area or posterior teeth towards the front teeth, along the gum line and making a short pause between tooth and tooth to be cleaned inside and outside of the lower teeth as well as the superior.

Question about WaterPik water Flosser Plus wireless 400

quería saber si este aparato es adecuado como irrigador de viaje, como existe un Waterpik Traveler, me gustaría que me dijeran cual es preferible comprar como aparato para llevar en la maleta
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Customer Reviews of WaterPik water Flosser Plus wireless 400

muy buena
me gusta mucho
Review by fercha / (Posted on 18/07/2017)
Una maravilla como complemento al cepillo de dientes.
Hasta que no lo pruebas no te das cuenta de la cantidad de partículas de restos de alimentos que se encuentran entre las piezas dentales, aún después de un buen cepillado.
Review by JMP / (Posted on 13/07/2017)
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