VITIS dental floss with soft wax with fluor and Mint 50m 5m

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VITIS dental floss with fluoride and Peppermint soft wax

Regular Price: £4.84


Regular Price: £4.84




Vitis toothbrush medium Access. Especially small head. Small mouths Cleaning of difficult to access. Anatomical and flexible handle.


Because not all mouths are equal, the VITIS medium access brush is ideal for removing dental biofilm in small mouths.

-Allows cleaning of teeth with greater precision, and a maximum adaptation to all buccal cavities.

-Thanks to its small head, you can access difficult access areas, decreasing nauseous reflections.

-The special profile of your strands, allows for cleaning between the teeth.

-It is suitable to guide the cleaning of disabled adults and children, her small head adapts to your mouth and the handle to the hand of the adult


-Daily use brush.

-Small head that allows access to the zones of difficult access (later areas of the mouth, especially pieces that are in eruptive process, tooth malposition, etc.).

-Medium with corrugated profile strands to follow the contour of the gums and facilitate access to the interproximal spaces.

-Malleable neck that allows your Flex to acquire the position of the brush that best adapts to the oral cavity, facilitating accessibility during brushing.

-Anatomical and non-slip knurled handle for ease of use.

-Protective cap, keeps the strands grouped together and in optimum conditions of hygiene.

-6 colors: transparent, green, blue, red, yellow and purple.


-Daily oral hygiene in adults, with greater precision.

-Teens and adults with small dental arches or mouths with limitation of mouth opening.

-Children who spend a brush Junior to adult.

-Lets you educate and supervise the mouth in children cleaning, since the handle fits the hand of an adult and head to the child's mouth.

Remember that ...

-Wash and dry the brush after use. Place the protective cap, will give longer life to the brush.

-A brush in bad state, and not cleaned properly, can cause mouth sores. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

-The toothbrush only clean one or two teeth every time. Change your position frequently.

-Brushing of the teeth, as well as the use of tape and dental floss interdental brush, requires practice time to do it correctly.

-Although it is better to brush your teeth after meals, it is necessary to brush and use tape or dental floss thoroughly at least once a day. The best time is before going to bed to make the dental biofilm formed under control.

-It is normal causing a slight bleeding in the gums, the early days when using a toothbrush, silk or Ribbon dental or brush Interprox. However, if you have observed discomfort or repeated bleeding when brushing, consult your dentist.

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