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Specific cleaning of implants.

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Regular Price: £6.05




Vitis toothbrush Implant angle

Because not all the mouths are equal, VITIS has developed a range of cutting-edge brushes: VITIS implant, designed especially for hygiene, care and protection of dental implants.

VITIS brushes implant removed the bacterial paca (oral biofilm) around the implants with maximum accuracy for proper maintenance of these.


The head of small size allows you to effectively clean areas of complex hygiene around the implant and prosthesis.

The neck of the narrow, angled handle increases the accessibility to the implant

It provides easy access to the inside (palatal or lingual side) of the anterior or posterior sector of the oral cavity.

It adapts anatomically to the shape of the face allowing access to the outside (vestibular surface).

Soft filaments which eliminates bacterial plaque (oral biofilm) while it protects the oral cavity. Anatomical and non-slip knurled handle for ease of use.

2 colors: transparent blue


Brush VITIS angular implant is particularly suitable, for his design of the collar of the angled handle for removal of bacterial plaque (oral biofilm) in areas of complex hygiene is around implants and prostheses. We also recommend its use in rear areas since it adapts anatomically to the shape of the mouth.

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