Vicks humidifier CoolMist Mini ultrasonic

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Ultrasonic humidifier to maintain adequate levels of humidity, which improves the condition of the respiratory tract.

Regular Price: £49.95


Content Price: 0.44€/10g

Regular Price: £49.95


Content Price: 0.44€/10g


Content Price: 0.44€/10g


The humidifier ultrasonic Mini CoolMist of Vicks help maintain humidity levels indoors between 40 and 60%.

Adequate levels of moisture are essential to keep the mouth and throat hydrated, avoid coughing and congestion and also reduce the survival of viruses of influenza on the surfaces and in the air.

This humidifier has a handle on the tank to fill and lift it easily.

The translucent 1.8 liter tank shows the water level.

It has a range of up to 20 hours per filling.

It has a slot for the Vicks VapoPads scented cushions, allowing you to add steam relaxing in the room so you can breathe better.

With output adjustable steam switch to get the amount of moisture you need.

A pilot lights up when turned on.

Pharmaceutical review

This humidifier will allow you to maintain adequate humidity levels, reducing the incidence of respiratory discomfort.

Question about Vicks humidifier CoolMist Mini ultrasonic

Vaporiza en frio? Se pueden añadir esencias solubles en agua:eucalipto,lavanda,etc.? Que capacidad tiene el depósito? Y también me gustaría saber las medidas. Gracias
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Customer Reviews of Vicks humidifier CoolMist Mini ultrasonic

no hace ruido, apenas ocupa espacio, funciona estupendamente, lo recomiendo a todo el mundo
Review by tere / (Posted on 22/11/2013)
humidificador silencioso
he comprado este humidificador porque lei que era silencioso y estoy muy contenta con la compra ya que además ni niña respira mucho mejor. lo recomiendo
Review by serena / (Posted on 25/10/2011)
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