Tricoioox-shampoo anti hair loss 200 ml

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Shampoo formulated with caffeine to prevent hair loss

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Regular Price: £15.45




Tricoioox-shampoo anti hair loss 200 ml

Shampoo formulated with caffeine to prevent hair loss

Tricoioox-shampoo anti hair loss is a shampoo in which its full formulation energizes and regenerates, stimulating hair growth.

Besides the action of active ingredients, base surfactant helps regulate Sebaceous secretion.

Tricoioox shampoo anti-hair loss protects hair.


Complement of androgenic, diffuse alopecia areata.



The seasonal (autumn and spring) hair loss prevention.

Weakness of the hair.


It strengthens the hair.

Temporary hair loss.



' Is a molecule that promotes the proliferation of hair follicles by stimulating cellular metabolism.

"In vitro" studies by a group of German dermatologists shows the stimulating effect of the growth of the hair follicle after the application of low concentrations of caffeine.


Hair acts as regulator of Seborrheic processes and fall avoiding hair damage and providing long-lasting hydration.

It protects the scalp and helps the regeneration of the epidermis hair improving nutrition and capillary trophism.

It hardens and adds shine to the hair.


It is a vitamin which improves blood circulation and helps metabolize fats therefore regulating the Seborrhea.

Participates in the synthesis of keratin hair which is used as food of the same furthermore of the new growing hair.


Use two or three times a week, with a daily use, daily use shampoo shampoo ioox.

Apply to hair and scalp previously dampened with warm water.

Perform a light massage and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Make a second wash, let it work for three to five minutes and rinse with warm water.

It is recommended for best results apply then Tricoioox lotion hair loss.

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único champú que parece que me funciona... otra cosa es que pretendamos que salga lo que se cae, que no va a pasar. Pero parece un muy buen champú
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