Thermacare Warming Patch Neck Shoulder x 6

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Thermacare is a therapeutic heat patch that relieves pain from muscle tensions and joint caused by fatigue, stiffness and osteoarthritis. Box of 6 patches.

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Regular Price: £16.94




Thermacare Warming Patch Neck Shoulder x 6

ThermaCare is a therapeutic heat patch that provides relief from muscle and joint pain associated with:

- Muscle fatigue and tension.

- Overexertion, strains and sprains.

- Arthritis.

The patch contains thermoactive, as Iron that warms at contact with oxygen. Once applied, it diffuses heat during 16 hours that helps soothe pain and 8 hours after removing the patch.

Advantages of ThermaCare:

- Contains no drugs.

- Prolonged pain relief.

- Easy to use.

- Comfortable, discreet, thin and odourless.

Pharmaceutical review

Single use and doesn't contain any medicated assets. Each alveolus contains Iron (approximately 2g).

From 55 years or more, wear the patch on a clothe and do not use during sleep.

Do not exceed the daily application duration (8 hours maximum).

May cause blisters and skin burns. The risk of burns increases with the age.

Remove it immediately in case of irritation.

Never heat the product in the microwave or attempt to reheat it by any other means, as the patch may catch fire.

Seek advice before use in case of diabetes, circulatory disorders, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis or pregnancy.

Do not use on wounded skin, in case of damaged patch, in association with other medicines of local use or with other heat sources, in case of bruising or swelling of less than 48 hours, on children under 12 years.

Mode of use

1. Open the protective bag and place the patch directly at the contact of the painful area. Thermasare may take up to 30 minutes to reach the desired therapeutic temperature.

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to leave ThermaCare on for 8 hours.

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Me los puse despues de quedarme pillada y no poder mover el cuello.Me fueron de maravilla para poder seguir trabajando.Encontré alivio con el calorcito q desprenden durante muchas horas.Me han ido geniales
Review by Lucia / (Posted on 07/01/2018)
Review by ThermaCare Cuello / (Posted on 31/01/2017)
Son fáciles de colocar, y aunque generan calor, no abrasan. Y son efectivas para reducir las molestias y dolores de las contracturas.
Review by Yolanda / (Posted on 18/11/2016)
Muy bueno para ayudar con las contracturas cervicales. El calor dura toda la noche.
Review by Carol / (Posted on 04/06/2016)
eficaces y fáciles de colocar
Me han salvado más de una noche de sueño ya que soy a tener dolor cervical
Review by Susana / (Posted on 04/04/2016)
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