Symbioram 2, 5 X g sachets

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Symbioram 2.5 g X sachets: Symbiotic nutritional supplement combining Prebiotics and probiotics.

Regular Price: £11.22


Content Price: 3.10€/10g

Regular Price: £11.22


Content Price: 3.10€/10g


Content Price: 3.10€/10g


Symbioram directions:

Symbioram promotes the recovery of healthy intestinal flora, so it is recommended in case of disorders that alter its balance, such as:

Diarrhea of diverse etiology.


Treatments with antibiotics.

Eating disorders

Symbioram is a symbiotic nutritional supplement enriched with nutrients, so it favors the growth of intestinal flora and the recovery of the mucosa, aiding the correct recovery of these gastrointestinal alterations.

In addition, it helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses and normalize the intestinal transit.

Symbioram: Thanks to its innovative and complete composition, it helps to:

1 recover the balance of the intestinal flora disturbed by diarrheal processes, infections or antibiotic treatments more quickly and efficiently.

2 reduces the incidence and duration of intestinal disorders such as diarrhea associated with antibiotics or different etiology.

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