Sophie the giraffe my first Set Sophie teething ring

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Would you like your baby to have a toy that accompany you from your first day? Sophie La Girafe will become his inseparable friend. Ideal as a welcome gift for a newborn baby

Regular Price: £37.51


Regular Price: £37.51




Sophie the giraffe my first Set Sophie teething ring

Sophie La Girafe pack containing:

Sophie the giraffe

Sophie will become the first toy for your baby and help to stimulate your senses.

Ear. Equipped with a whistle, amuses and stimulates the baby's ear and helps you understand the cause and effect relationship.

Touch As smooth as the skin of breast, stimulates physiological and emotional responses that soothe baby and promote well-being and healthy growth. Its form and its 18 cm, make that you adapt perfectly to the baby hands. Their long legs and neck allow an easy grip.

View In the first months, the vision of the baby is limited and can only differentiate high contrasts. Sophie, thanks to its dark spots all over the body, attracts the eyes of the baby and becomes a familiar object that's reassuring it to recognize it easily.

Taste 0% coming from the SAP of the Hevea and food paint natural rubber compound, it is safe for the baby. Its texture soft and chewy, with its many parts to bite (ears, neck, feet) make it perfect to relieve sore gums during teething.

Sense of smell. The singular scent of natural rubber from the hevea tree gives a real particularity, so it allows the child identify Sophie among all their toys.

Sophie La Girafe is lighter and easier to hold for smaller hands. Her long legs are ideal to reach molars.

Teething ring

Ring of Sophie La Girafe dentition with two rings with different textures and surfaces so that the baby can choose.

It is an ideal bite to highlight the baby's sore gums during teething.

0% coming from the SAP of Hevea natural rubber made.

In order to offer the perfect gift, this set is accompanied by a customizable gift card and a beautiful gift bag.

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