Singuladerm Xpert expression wrinkle 50 ml

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Anti-wrinkle and expression lines.

Regular Price: £48.61


Content Price: 7.42€/10ml

Regular Price: £48.61


Content Price: 7.42€/10ml


Content Price: 7.42€/10ml


Singuladerm Xpert expression wrinkle 50 ml

Every day your face makes about 15,000 involuntary facial movements to express your state of mind: joy, sadness, surprise and discomfort ...

With the passage of time these gestures are first recorded in the skin, like fine lines and then in the form of expression wrinkles , locating, mainly in the frontal zone, glabellar ('brow'), periorbital ('Crow's feet'), lip and nasal.

Xpert Expression in its formulation includes a complex peptide designed specifically to treat wrinkles and prevent their occurrence, being the topical alternative to injections of botulinum toxin, or as a complement to these, increasing your efficiency and prolonging their results.


' % Argireline, 5% Leuphasyl, 2% anti-free free.

Xpert Expression contains Argireline® and Leuphasyl®, a complex peptide that acts on the same mechanism of formation of wrinkles than injections of botulinum toxin, but in a manner much less invasive.

The big difference is that while Xpert Expression promotes muscle relaxation, inducing a decrease in the depth of wrinkles, botulinum toxin causes a complete paralysis of the muscle.

Wrinkles fade, the skin becomes smoother and the face is rejuvenated .


Apply Xpert Expression on the face clean, twice a day, massaging lightly until completely absorbed.

Technical description

10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8®, 5% Munapsys®, 2% Neoclair Pro®.

Mode of use

Aplicar Xpert Expression sobre la cara limpia, dos veces al día, masajeando ligeramente hasta su total absorción. Por la mañana y por la noche.

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Muy, muy buena
Llevo años usándola por consejo de mi Dermatologo y es muy buena. Además me da una sensación de confort increíble
Review by Wendy / (Posted on 15/04/2017)
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