Scalibor Dog Collar Small 48 cm

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Antiparasitic necklace


Content Price: 4.50€/10g


Content Price: 4.50€/10g


Content Price: 4.50€/10g


Scalibor Dog Collar Small 48 cm

Scalibor® is a new concept of antiparasitic collar.

Its active substance, deltamethrin, is a highly lipophilic component that is released and distributed over the lipid layer of the dog's skin, covering its entire body, in a week and offering protection for 6 months.

Benefits and Recommendations:

Protection against the mosquito transmitter of lismania (leishmaniosis) Protection against fleas and ticks.

6 months of protection to cover the critical spring / summer period.

Washable with a damp cloth (releases the micropores from the collar when it is dirty).

Weather and rain resistant and does not emit odors.

Do not use in puppies with less than 7 weeks of age.

The collar should not be used in animals with extensive skin lesions.

Presentation of the product:

Box with a collar of 48 cm in length (for dogs of small and medium breeds).

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