Lindor Ausonia 60x90 15pcs

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Absorbent and waterproof protectors from Ausonia for always clean sheets and dry and protected skin. They can be used as a bedspread, as a baby changing table or even as a crib protector.

- Measures: 60x90cm

Regular Price: £11.31


Regular Price: £11.31




Ausonia bedspreads are absorbent, waterproof and disposable protectors indicated to protect the sheets, as a baby changing table and to protect the cribs.

Its soft coverage filters and insulates moisture, helping to keep skin dry and protected.

With reinforced cellulose core that retains liquids.

Thanks to its waterproof base, they avoid transfers and the sheets always remain clean.

Measures: 60x90cm

How to use

Place centered on the sheet in a transverse direction.

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