Rene Furterer Lumicia Shampoo 200ml gloss

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Revealing light shampoo ideal for all hair types. Its daily use, frees the hair of impurities, leaving it radiant and with an incredible silky touch. Its light texture and Crystal neutralizes the effects of lime, enhancing its natural shine.

-Without silicone

-Formulated with natural ingredients


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The new Lumicia range, before Fioravanti, is formulated with alcoholate of Fioravanti, an ancestral preparation obtained from the maceration of vegetable, vinegar of acerola and vitamin c enriched with vitamin B5.

The B5 vitamin is vitamin of hydration. It has an excellent moisturizing power on keratin. It penetrates the cortex of the hair to repair it and nurture it.

Leaves hair free of impurities that produces lime, pollution and finishing products.

With a captivating Sheen, hair is loose, light and silky.

0% assets of natural origin.

Free of silicones.

How to use

Apply a small amount of shampoo and massage with the fingertips on wet scalp well. Add a little water to emulsify.

Rinse well preferably with cold water, until the hair is clean.

Frequent use.

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