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Protefix pad bottom 30units

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Protefix pad bottom 30units

This fleece fabric, well tolerated by the palate, fine is primarily used during the bridge, while a temporary dentures.

It contains sodium alginate, which increases also the fixing power shortly after wet. For some people with dentures with major problems of adhesion - if nothing else works - Protefix® adhesive pads are the ultimate solution.

Solution for the period of bridge

  • Used for temporary dentures
  • Fill the resulting holes of the regression of the mandible
  • It has shown that it is very useful with excessive bone loss in the elderly lower jaw.
  • Pads offer effective protection against pressure points and inflammations
  • Hygienic solution, since it resets daily, easy to use

Important note:
Only for complete dentures. Not used in partial dentures including crowns, that adjust by pressing or conical crowns.

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Lower dentures
1. in small artificial dentures, cutting pad with scissors until you have the right size. Moisten the pad and put it in the position corresponding to the upper teeth.

2. press the pad in the hollow part of the denture false (from the Center outward) using the index finger until the pad is completely smooth.

Mode of use

In small dentures, cut the pad with scissors until it is the right size. Dampen the pad and put it in the corresponding position for the upper denture. Press the pad into the hollow part of the dentures (from the center outwards) using the index finger until the pad is completely smooth.

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