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Nutriben I am 400g. Protein isolated from soybean and lactose-free formula.

Regular Price: £15.61


Content Price: 0.32€/10g

Regular Price: £15.61


Content Price: 0.32€/10g


Content Price: 0.32€/10g


Nutriben I am 400 grams

Nutriben designed for children intolerant to lactose made from soy.

It has a pleasant taste and is easily dissolved.

Dietetic food intended for special medical purposes.

It promotes the development of the baby's immune system and participates in the growth and development of the intestinal tract.

Specially designed for children with allergy to cow's milk proteins.

Congenital lactose ntolerance.


How to use of Nutriben soy 400 grams

Boil water and let cool water up to 40 ° C before mixing it with the milk powders.

Mixed and diluted until you get a smooth mixture.

Composition of Nutriben soybean 400 grams

Syrup of glucose, vegetable oils, protein isolated from soybean, minerals, vitamins, choline chloride, taurine, L-methionine, nucleotides, inositol, L-tryptophan, L-carnitine, citric acid and emulsifier.

Technical description

Jarabe de glucosa, aceites vegetales, proteína aislada de soja, minerales, vitaminas, cloruro de colina, taurina, L-metionina, nucleótidos, inositol, L-triptófano, L-carnitina, emulgente y ácido cítrico.

Mode of use

1. Hervir agua y dejar enfríar el agua hasta los 40ºC antes de mezclarlo con los polvos de la leche.

2. Mezclar y diluir hasta conseguir una mezcla sin grumos.

Question about Nutriben soy 400g


Is this product suitable for babys under 6 months old?

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Customer Reviews of Nutriben soy 400g

Buena leche
Buen producto
Review by Celia / (Posted on 19/12/2017)
Es una leche de buena calidad. Los bebés no digieren bien la proteína de la vaca y esta leche tiene el mismo valor nutricional que las mejores leches de fórmula de leche animal
Review by YR / (Posted on 03/10/2017)
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