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Nutribén® Simbiotic has a Symbiotic effect, which arises from the combination of probiotics and prebiotics in the same product. Continuous milk powder.


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<p> Nutriben Simbiotic 900gr

This Nutribén is specially designed to improve the digestive transit of the child and avoid digestive problems.

Normalizes and regulates intestinal transit.

It is enriched with calcium and vitamins.

It contributes to the correct physical and mental development of the child.

It improves the state of the child's immune system.

How to use Nutribén Simbiotic 900gr

Boil water and let cool to 40 ° C.

Mix the water with the spoonfuls of milk powder that adapt to the age and weight of the child.

Dilute until all lumps are removed.

' Composition of Nutriben Simbiotic 900gr'

Skim milk, demineralized whey, lactose, maltodextrin, vegetable oils, food fibers, minerals, emulsifier, choline chloride, vitamins, taurine, lactic ferments, L-carnitine and nucleotides.

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