Nuggela Martinn hairbrush 30 30 tablets

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Dietary supplement that acts against the fall of hair, to nourish it, strengthens and stimulates their growth. It helps to purify the body. Suitable for weak hair or lack of nutrition.

Regular Price: £35.09


Regular Price: £35.09




This food supplement with Nuggela brand provides the vitamins of the Group B and minerals needed in times of abundant hair loss.

Nourishes the hair follicle from the inside, avoiding the monoculus of hair and stimulating its growth.

Power creating new hair and strengthens the existing to get a higher density and volume.

It is the first supplement formulated with two types of ingredients that help maintain the health of your hair and while debugging the organism.

The two tablets contain more than 20 active like Quinoa, Zinc, L. Cystina, MSM, onion, yeast of beer, milk thistle, horsetail, Frangula, millet, iron, selenium, vitamin C, niacin, Pantothenic acid, B1, B2, B6, B and biotin.

With a double function, nourishing and cleansing, to help restore and maintain the health of the hair.

It favors the maintenance of the hair under normal conditions in summer changes, times of stress, hormonal changes or imbalances food.

It helps to purify and remove toxins from the body, improving nutrition capillary action.

How to use of Nuggela Martinn

Take two tablets (green and orange) at a time at night before going to sleep.

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