EpaPlus Multivit GLA Forte Epa-Plus capsules

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Vitamins minerals GLA

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Regular Price: £8.17




MULTIVIT GLA Forte Epa-Plus capsules

General description

MULTIVIT GLA Forte More power, maximum performance.

Vitamins minerals GLA

There are various circumstances that can lead us to situations of fatigue, malaise, weakness and exhaustion affecting our performance.

Some of these situations are: seasonal changes periods of exams periods of convalescence stage of greater workload of physical and mental wear and tear

MULTIVIT GLA, thanks to the synergy of its ingredients, vitamins, minerals and GLA:

It helps to recover the optimal shape and reinforce vitality in times of increased wear

It helps to improve performance help to keep the skin in good condition

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Funciona genial
Me va estupendamente para regular los nervios
Review by ROSA MARIA / (Posted on 10/05/2014)
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