Mepiform silicone 10 x 18 dressings 5 units

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Mepiform silicone x 18 5 dressings 5 units: It prevents and reduces scarring.

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Regular Price: £87.73




Mepiform silicone x 18 5 5 units dressings

Mepiform® is an adherent layer of silicone that sta indicated in the treatment of all kinds of scars caused by Burns, wounds, surgical interventions, etc.

It can be used both in old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars and wounds closed to prevent the occurrence of these types of scars.

Mepiform® has demonstrated its effectiveness in smooth, soften and pigment red or purplish scars.

In old scars, five weeks of treatment found a depigmentation of the scar, matching it with the color of the skin, more than 90% of the treated cases.

Mepiform® has proven to be effective in 90% of cases.

An international group of expert clinical recommends the silicone sheeting as the best therapy for the treatment of hypertrophic scars and Keloids.

In Spain, Mepiform® is recommended by prestigious professionals of plastic surgery, dermatology, maxillofacial surgery and Traumatology among others, as the most comfortable and effective product.

Composition of the dressing:

1. back fabric layer non-woven viscose and polyurethane.

It allows the breathability of the impervious to liquids pie. L.

2. coating technology with Safetac®

Adheres gently to the fragile fabric.

It ensures the withdrawal with minimum pain and trauma.

It allows the reuse of the dressing.

3. protective role.

Protects the layer technology with Safetac® allows for a hygienic application

Directions for use:

April 1-the container and remove the dressing.

2. cut the dressing, if necessary, to adapt it to the size of the wound. Leave 1 cm or more per side minimum.

3. when apply Mepiform® check that the skin is dry. When used together with creams, make sure that this has been absorbed well before applying.

4. remove the protective paper and apply Mepiform® on the scar, exerting a little pressure over the entire surface of the dressing.

Avoid stretching it when applied on joints.

5.- Mepiform® can be 24 hours a day, even during the shower and bath.

We recommend inspection and washing of the skin daily.

Mepiform® sheet can be carried for 7 or more days since it does not lose its microadhesion properties.

We recommend a duration of treatment between 2 and 6 months depending on the conditions of the scar.

Use tips:

Mepiform® treatment should be initiated when the wound is completely healed.

The greatest clinical benefits in Mepiform® treatment have been obtained when the use of the dressing has been continuous.

I have recommended, therefore, 24 hours a day.

Mepiform® can be used simultaneously with any kind of creams.

If this is your case, be sure that the cream has been fully absorbed before placing Mepiform® on the scar.

When he goes to take a shower, make sure that all edges Mepiform ® are well bonded to his skin, so the dressing will stay longer on the scar.

You can even improve adhesion in cases in which adherence has been lost because the dressing is fouling.

It is recommended to uncover the wound to follow him once a day.

In this way ensures that the healing process are moving correctly.

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Customer Reviews of Mepiform silicone 10 x 18 dressings 5 units

Buen producto
Buen producto
Review by Sandra / (Posted on 26/12/2017)
Los estoy usando para la cicatriz de la cesárea. Son muy prácticos,se pueden despegar y pegar para limpiar.
Aún es pronto para ver los resultados
Review by Elena / (Posted on 25/10/2017)
Está muy bien, es muy efectivo,me parece un poco caro, pero merece la pena
Review by SILL / (Posted on 19/05/2017)
Servicio de entrega rapido y fiable. Producto eficaz y a muy buen precio
El producto no me ha defraudado, conozco el resto de marcas y sopesando la relacion calidad-precio , esta un peldaño por encima del resto . Es la primera vez que compro en mifarma, y me ha sorprendido agradablemente. Servicio Rapido, Eficaz y a muy buen precio
Review by MGB / (Posted on 14/04/2017)
Las estoy utilizando para la cicatriz de la cesarea. desde hace un mes, recorto el aposito y me da para 3 veces. De momento quizás sea pronto para opinar pero ya no veo tan roja y abultada la cicatriz
Review by XCG / (Posted on 01/04/2017)
Buen producto
Lo uso para la cicatriz de la cesárea que la tengo abultada por el centro, es la segunda caja que uso y he notado que se ha alisado mucho.
Review by RSBG / (Posted on 08/06/2016)
Son eficaces
El producto es bastante eficaz pero se debe tener constancia. Solo he tenido problemas la última vez q los pedí porque venían envasados con burbujas pero no pierden su eficacia, los sigo usando
Review by sandra / (Posted on 20/01/2016)
Fatal el producto
Fatal, no me gusta nada. Se despega, se cae con la piscina... Hay otra marca como termolastin o algo así. Es muuuuucho mejor. Estoy arrepentida de comprarlo y cambiar de marca
Review by Lorena / (Posted on 20/08/2015)
buena pero sin comparar con otros productos
No he podido comparar este producto con otros de su misma categoría, ya que es la primera vez que lo uso y además es esta marca la que me recetó el especialista. Lo considero correcto
Review by salmantina / (Posted on 22/07/2015)
Estou muito satisfeita.
Muito bom. Logo na primeira semana notei resultados.
Review by Ana Cruz / (Posted on 22/07/2015)
producto insuperable
Es un gran producto. Cumple todas ls espectativas. 100% recomendable
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 10/07/2014)
Review by ROSER / (Posted on 18/06/2014)
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