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Vaginal suppository of Gynea are particularly suitable for treating and preventing vaginal infections. Restore and maintain the physiological conditions of the vaginal environment, strengthening their defenses and preventing the appearance of imbalances that lead to vaginal infections.

Regular Price: £9.88


Content Price: 4.03€/10g

Regular Price: £9.88


Content Price: 4.03€/10g


Content Price: 4.03€/10g


Treatment based on vaginal suppository indicated for the prevention of vaginal infections.

Indicated for the treatment of recurrent vaginal infections.

Recommended in cases of primoinfections, bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis, inexpecific infections and mixed, change of pessaries, DIUS, mesh and probes.

Prevention of infections after physical treatments (DTC, laser, cryotherapy, Letz crionization.)

It balances the bacterial flora and lactic acid correcting imbalances.

It strengthens the defenses.

Its formulation has been completed with natural extracts of aloe vera that regenerates damaged areas and restore your hydration levels.

Its active ingredient is based on a powerful antiseptic, with a broad spectrum of action and that does not cause discomfort.

Technical description

Each ovule contains: 60mg of aloe barbadensis oily extract, 30mg colloidal silica, 1mg lactic acid, 4mg potassium chloride, 3mg disodium edetate, 15mg PHMB hydrochloride, 1847 mg semi-synthetic glycerides and 40mg of purified water.

Mode of use

Administer an egg per night for 10 days.

Vaginal use

Do not eat.

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Customer Reviews of Melagyn ovules vaginal units

Muy bueno
Muy buenas,restablece la fluora vaginal
Review by Cati / (Posted on 07/11/2017)
Excelente producto, como todos los de esta marca. Me han aliviado mucho el picor y las molestias
Review by Marta / (Posted on 26/09/2017)
Van bien
Mejor precio que en farmacia y efecto rápido
Review by IEC / (Posted on 20/08/2017)
Funcionan bien
Similares a otra conocida marca de farmacia y efecto similar. Se aplican muy fácilmente y buen efecto. Es conveniente usar durante la noche por estar máximas horas de efecto sin precisar orinar antes.
Review by Silvia / (Posted on 31/05/2017)
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