Medela bra Top extraction easy hands-free size S

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Easy and comfortable bra for breast milk removal handsfree.

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Medela bra Top extraction easy hands-free

With the Top of easy extraction of Medela, you have hands-free, allowing you to perform simple activities, such as reading or browsing the Internet.

Easy and comfortable solution for an extraction without using your hands

Medela double electric can acquire the ideal complement for a breast pump in four different sizes, of white color

Easy solution

Would you like to use the time during extraction and perform simple activities?

In that case, the Top of easy extraction is the solution seeking.

This comfortable Top is an ideal complement to the electric pumps of Medela and allows you to perform the extraction without using your hands.

Easy and comfortable thanks to the zipper may be put or remove easily the bustier

Easy Expression, either directly on the skin or your nursing bra.

When you put the bustier Easy Expression, it must be adjusted. You will know the size you need thanks to our Bra size meter.

The ideal complement for Medela milk pumps

The Top of easy extraction can be used with all pumps electric double Medela.

Material pleasant to the skin and easy to wash

Easy extraction Top is made from a soft blend of cotton and elastane, making it flexible and very pleasant to the skin.

The Top can be washed in the washing machine to a maximum of 30 ° C.

Hands-free extraction: extraction using the hands-free method is now possible for many mothers.

Thanks to a specially designed fasteners, it is possible to place the funnel in the chest and continue with daily activities, such as reading or browsing the Internet.

However, we do not recommend you to drive while the hands-free extraction.

Ensure a proper fit and completely empty the breasts may require a bit of practice.

The following tips may be useful:

Do not overtighten the liners.

After the first session, check the shape of the nipple and look for any brand that funnel has been able to leave in the chest.

Adjust the tension, if necessary, to make sure that the milk flows smoothly.

Massage the breasts from time to time during extraction to ensure that all milk flows freely.

After the extraction, explore the breast in its entirety to check that it has drained completely.

Perform an extraction once or twice a day without using the hands-free option.

If you notice that your breasts have not been emptied completely after using the hands-free option, do not use during one or two days.

Make sure if the chest is red marks or congestion.

If the chest is congested or appear red marks on it, immediately consult a health professional.

Easy extraction Top size: S, M, L

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