Lipoceutical Angioses Gel eye contour 15 ml

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Prevention and treatment of stains hemosiderotic

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Content Price: 13.31€/10ml

Regular Price: £25.95


Content Price: 13.31€/10ml


Content Price: 13.31€/10ml


Lipoceutical Angioses Gel 50ml tired legs

Angioses directions:

Prevention and treatment of hemosiderotic (with excess of hemosiderin) stains caused by operative procedures (sclerotherapy, liposuction, blepharoplasty ...), body and facial fillers, Mesotherapy, purple (by dye laser (pulsed or other causes), trauma or capillary extravasations .


Lactoferrin lactoperoxidase system N-Hydroxysuccinimide Retinol vitamin C superoxide dismutase complex venoprotector and anti-inflammatory


It contains assets that improve circulation and prevent extravasation of fluid, calm area, reinforce and protect the capillaries and facilitate resorption of blood.

System lactoferrin-lactoperoxidase, next to the hydroxysuccinimide, exerts a neutralizing action of iron, prevents peroxidation of lipids of cellular membranes, oxidative damage to proteins and the formation of other free radicals.

How to use

Apply twice a day (morning and night) a small amount of product with the fingertips in the contour of the eyes by soft Pat.


15 ml tube

Technical description

Lactoferrin-lactoperoxidase system + N-Hydroxysuccinimide + Retinol + Vitamin C + Superoxide dismutase + Venoprotective and anti-inflammatory complex

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Customer Reviews of Lipoceutical Angioses Gel eye contour 15 ml

Aún es pronto.
No llevo mucho tiempo usándola. Cuando se seca, me queda la zona un poco tirante, pero al cabo de un rato se absorbe. Mejor para la noche, pero hay que usarla 2 veces al día. Debería absorberse algo más rápidamente. Puede que esté funcionando, pero esto requiere constancia...
Review by maria jose / (Posted on 22/04/2016)
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