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Oral solution for topical use in Spray: Eliminates bad breath acting on the factors that cause it.


Content Price: 1.69€/10ml


Content Price: 1.69€/10ml


Content Price: 1.69€/10ml


Lacerfresh Spray 15 ml

LacerFresh Spray

It is an oral solution for topical use in the form of a spray, which eliminates bad breath and acts directly on the factors that cause it.

Its complete formulation is ideal for keeping a mouth fresh, healthy and protected.

Eliminates bad breath, providing a long-lasting fresh flavor: the combination of essential aromas, eucalyptol and menthol, plus an innovative non-volatile aroma ("cooling agent"), give it the perception of a long-lasting intense freshness.

Fights the causes of bad breath: The active substances triclosan and zinc chloride, included in the formulation, act directly against the causes of bad breath.

Triclosan: Inhibits bacterial growth, reducing the concentration of VSC (volatile sulfide compounds).

Zinc chloride: acts against VSCs, neutralizing or eliminating bad breath.

Thanks to the incorporation in its formulation of fluoride, xylitol and triclosan, oral protection is reinforced (anti-caries and anti-plaque action, in addition to remineralizing tooth enamel).

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Customer Reviews of Lacerfresh Spray 15 ml

Me gusta porque tiene buen sabor y te refresca y quita el mal aliento.El aliento fresco dura bastante.Es pequeño y lo puedes llevar en el bolso y también en un bolsillo.Tiene muy buen precio.
Review by Susana / (Posted on 06/10/2017)
Frescor buen sabor y ademas quita el mal aliento
¡Que mas se puede pedir!
Review by Edurne / (Posted on 06/06/2014)
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