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KeloCote UV 30: It is the only treatment for 100% Silicone scars with SPF30.

Regular Price: £51.04


Content Price: 3.75€/10g

Regular Price: £51.04


Content Price: 3.75€/10g


Content Price: 3.75€/10g


Kelo-Cote UV 30 15 grams

It is the only treatment for 100% Silicone scars with SPF30.

Kelo-cote® UV is specially developed to protect to protect scars exposed to the sun.

Kelo-cote® UV self-drying forming a flexible, transparent and waterproof film.

Kelo-cote® UV has been shown to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relief itching and discomfort of scars, as well as reduce redness and discoloration caused by sun exposure.

Kelo-cote® UV is a patented formula containing bio-inert and biocompatible silicone, that is, polysiloxane dioxide, silicone and non-volatile silicone components.

Therefore, it is suitable for use in children or in people with sensitive skin.

National Code: 160906


Polysiloxanes, Silicon dioxide, Isopropyl myristate Sunscreens: Octinoxate, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Oxybenzone


Scars exposed to the sun

Indications of use:

Apply a very thin layer on dry skin 2 times / day Let it dry in 4-5 minutes Duration of treatment: 2-3 months


Transparent gel

Once dry, cosmetics and creams can be applied on Kelo-cote Gel.

Easy to use and painless, it is not necessary to remove the product once applied

Suitable for use in children or in people with sensitive skin.

Self-drying in 4-5 minutes, breathable Can be used on old and new scars

Apply twice a day 30 minutes before sun exposure

Very water resistant Ideal for irregular skin surfaces and for any size of scars

It is not necessary to shave the area before application

Continuous direct contact with the skin provides better treatment of scars

It does not produce maceration * * Maceration: when the skin becomes pale and moist, wrinkled and wet.

Mode of use

Aplicar una muy fina capa sobre la piel seca 2 veces / día.

Dejear secar durante 4-5 minutos.

Duración del tratamiento: 2-3 meses.

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Diferencia que hay entre este producto y dermatix gel silicona

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Customer Reviews of Kelo-Cote UV 30 15grams

Muy práctico y cómodo
Es un producto muy cómodo y de fácil aplicación, basta con tratar la zona tres veces al día y el niño puede bañarse en la piscina sin problemas, ya que resiste el agua y protege de la radiación uv
Review by Miguel / (Posted on 17/06/2017)
Muy bien
Va muy bien para la cicatrización pero no veo tanta mejoría como yo esperaba, después de un mes la zona sigue con rojeces. Os recomiendo comprarlo por esta página porque en farmacia cuesta el doble!
Review by Jhe / (Posted on 01/02/2017)
Muy bien ! Vale la pena el gasto
Hace una semana que lo estoy utilizando y estoy muy contenta. Cicatrizando muy rápido y bien
Review by ISABEL / (Posted on 25/03/2016)
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