Imedeen Time Duplo Perfect Gift 60 tablets

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It makes the skin feel soft and smooth.

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Imedeen Time Duplo Perfect Gift 60 tablets

IMEDEEN Time Perfection® - clinical studies and scientists


To be able to quantify the benefits of IMEDEEN Time Perfection® to improve the tone of the skin, texture and appearance, was a double-blind study of clinical efficacy controlled placebo weeks in 74 women, by the renowned researcher Clinic, Dr. Monya L Sigler

The results of measurements made by dermatologists, as of the self-assessment carried out by the participants, were very convincing.

The report concluded that when 2 tablets were administered daily for weeks, IMEDEEN Time Perfection® was very effective in improving the appearance and general condition of the skin with active tablet, beating the placebo.

The results of all clinical and scientific studies clearly demonstrate that IMEDEEN Time Perfection®:

It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It improves the quality of skin and moisture balance.

It helps to protect collagen and fibers of elastin against harmful UV-rays.

It makes the skin of the face and body feel soft and smooth.

"The effectiveness of IMEDEEN Time Perfection® was verified under rigorous conditions and the results were very impressive.

IMEDEEN products showed significant improvement over placebo at the time achieve a clinical score, instrumental measurements and self-assessments of the women.

These results are among the best that it has been ".

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Customer Reviews of Imedeen Time Duplo Perfect Gift 60 tablets

Muy satisfecha
Lo compro para mi madre también y a ella veo gran cambio en su restro y parece más joven. A mi, tengo cara más nitrida y brilliante.
Review by Elena / (Posted on 26/07/2017)
Es una opción de primera clase para mi piel
La piel de la cara lo agradece y se nota más tersa y suave
Review by Rogelio / (Posted on 07/03/2017)
Muy satisfecha
Llevo comprando Imedeen desde hace tiempo y me gusta mucho. Noto mi cara mas nutrida, tersa y brillante.
Review by PHF / (Posted on 26/09/2016)
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