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Prepared food based on extracts of vegetables traditionally indicated for renal welfare.



Herbensurine 30 tablets

Herbensurina tablets is a prepared food in the form of tablets, extracts of vegetables traditionally indicated for renal welfare.

They are present in the composition of Herbensurina:

* Herniaria glabra: with diuretic and known action with the name of stone-breaker

* Grass of the pharmacies: traditionally used in urinary tract infections and prevention of urolithiasis

-Tailed of horse: with mild diuretic action

* Elder: with diuretic and antibacterial action


Each tablet of Herbensurin tablets contains:

Herniaria 470 mg, extract of grass of the drugstores 235 mg, extract of horsetail 56.4 mg, extract of elder 47 g. excipients cs

Signs: Renal welfare.


Take 1 to 2 capsules per day along with two glasses of water each.

Other information: Do not take Herbensurina tablets without the supervision of a health care provider if you are being treated with diuretics.

Format: Case with 30 coated tablets.

Product class: Prepared food. Sold in pharmacies and dietetic.


The unique composition of Herbensurin tablets makes this product a classic in the care of the urinary tract.

Herbensurina tablets maintain properties that have made legendary to the infusion of Herbensurina, with a plus of activity and comfort, to adapt to modern times.

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Buen producto
Fáciles de tomar
Review by Xesca / (Posted on 16/08/2017)
Buenas como prevención
Opción más cómoda que las infusiones porque te las puedes tomas en cualquier lugar, solo se debe tener en cuanta de tomarlas con mucha agua
Review by Victoria / (Posted on 07/12/2016)
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