Germinal action immediate blisters

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Germinal blisters: Instant Lifting effect.

Regular Price: £23.50


Regular Price: £23.50




Germinal action immediate blisters

The intensity of your day to day you faces many external factors that turn off the skin of your face with signs of fatigue, dryness and lack of firmness.

The blisters Germinal action immediate flash take decades helping millions of women to recover their beauty in just a few minutes.

Their powers?

A lifting effect instant that will leave your skin radiant for at least 8 hours.

Germinal immediate action is a powerful tissue vitalizer fighting traces of fatigue in your skin thanks to the action of corn protein, Ginseng extract and other active components.

Occur in comfortable formats of 1, 5, and blisters.

Active ingredients:

Natural moisturizing factor proteins of maize,

Witch Hazel extract

Hypericum extract

Ginseng extract

Yeast extract

Propylene glycol




Question about Germinal action immediate blisters

Hi, just wondering how many blisters I would be buying for £16.89? As it is not specified on description.

Thank you!
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