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The quick fix lice and nits

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Regular Price: £21.22


Content Price: 1.59€/10ml


Content Price: 1.59€/10ml


Fullmarks solution Pediculicide 0 ml

The quick fix lice and nits

What is the FULL MARKS solution?

It is a colorful, odless solution that contains Cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate.

These ingredients are commonly used in cosmetic products and do not have toxicological risk with repeated use.

The mixture of these ingredients acts of physical form, covering the shell of lice, dissolving the lipid layer, and making it more susceptible to water loss, so lice dehydrate and die.

The mechanism of action is very fast, with only minutes of application.

Application form:

Apply treatment only when it detects the presence of live lice.

Remember that if a family member needs treatment, check that the rest of the family is free from lice, and if it isn't, you must also apply the treatment.

The application of treatment to all the same day will decrease the chances of reinfestation.

Content of half bottle should suffice to treat a person pediculicide (depending on the volume and length of the hair, this measure may vary).

If other pediculicides products have been used prior to this product, wash properly head with a cosmetic shampoo, before initiating treatment with Full Marks.

It is essential to ensure that the pediculicide Full Marks solution covers all the scalp and the hair, to ensure its effectiveness.

3 simple steps to kill the lice and eliminate nits:

1 application of filmicide solution

Run a comb on dry hair to undo any entanglement.

Shake the bottle.

Apply product to dry hair and massage to ensure that it covered all over the scalp and hair.

Leave on for minutes. (To avoid any dripping can pick up hair with a cap of a single use).

2 after minutes, pass the special comb, which is included, throughout the hair to remove dead lice and nits.

Tip: To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, divide hair into 4 parts and comb each of them independently.

Take a small portion of hair in each area and place the comb that comes closer to the scalp.

Comb from root to tips.

After each pass, wash the comb to remove the hairs, lice and nits.

Dry with a tissue.

Repeat the same operation for each of the sections.

When you have completed the treatment, wash the head with a normal shampoo without conditioner and rinse with plenty of water.

Don't need nor softener or conditioner.

It may be necessary to rinse the hair twice to totally eliminate the solution.

3. on the treatment.

While the first application should kill all the lice and eliminate nits, in cases of massive infestation, it may happen that some nits remain in the hair and once incubated become live lice.

That is why it is important:

-After 7 days, check for the presence of live lice and repeat steps 1 and 2.

-14 days then check it again and repeat the treatment if necessary.

The use of Full Marks 7 or 14 days later will break this cycle of life and kill lice that may have been hatched from the last treatment.


• If you experience any sensitivity reaction, stop using this product and contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Do not use in people sensitive to the components.

• Light irritant eye.

Avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, areas sensitive or diseased skin and wounds.

If accidentally, the liquid comes into contact with skin or eyes, wash with abundant lukewarm water.

• This product is an oily liquid, so it is recommended to take precautions when applying the product since if it falls on the floor or other surfaces may be slippery.

He is advisable to protect clothes, upholstery, etc .., to avoid that the product may stain it.

• This is not a water-based shampoo.

Keep hair away from all flames or sources of ignition.

Do not smoke while using this product.

• Keep at room temperature.

The bottle must be kept well closed and in its carton packaging and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

• The infested person should not share hats, towels and combs.



Do not ingest.

• Recommended for adults and children older than 2 years.

• Keep away from the reach of children and away from food and beverages.

• Preferably use before the end of the date printed on the package.

• If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

• In case of accidental ingestion, contact with the National Toxicology: 91 562 04 20.

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El mejor de los q he probado
Es el mejor que he probado. Cunde mucho para el pelo largo al ser aceitoso, pero a la vez se quita muy bien con un lavado. La liendrera es estupenda .de lo más eficaz
Review by Lola / (Posted on 08/11/2017)
Fácil aplicación sin olor
Muy fácil uso. No huele ni irrita ojos. Desde que lo probé hace años ya no uso otro.
Review by El mejor / (Posted on 23/09/2017)
Muy efectivo
Producto muy bueno
Review by Juan carlos / (Posted on 15/09/2017)
Buen producto
De todas las que he probado es la más efectiva. El olor es agradable y aunque es de textura aceitosa el tiempo de espera es de solo 5 minutos. La liendrera que lleva es muy buena y no se escapa ni un piojo.
Review by Arancha / (Posted on 07/09/2017)
Lo he probado varías veces y es lo mejor, pero para asegurar que se han eliminado todos hay que repetir a la semana. Lo recomiendo, además en Mifarma vale mucho menos que en las farmacias de barrio
Review by Ana / (Posted on 04/08/2017)
Eficaz y rápido
He probado un montón de estes productos ya que tengo 3 hijas con melenazas. Definitivamente este es perfecto, vuelvo ota vez a recurrir a él sin duda.
Review by Gabisil / (Posted on 29/06/2017)
Super eficaz para eliminar los piojos. Para asegurarse hay que repetir el tratamiento 7 dias después de la primera aplicación. He probado muchos productos y este es el que mejor me va.
Review by Eva / (Posted on 14/06/2017)
Rápido y efectivo para ahogar los piojos.Posteriormente con lendrera.
Review by Silvia / (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Buen producto
Buen producto . En mi caso , no ha funcionado mal
Review by Jackhobo / (Posted on 07/06/2017)
El mejor
Para mi el mejor tratamiento para eliminar los piojos.
Rápido y eficaz.
Review by Nica / (Posted on 11/04/2017)
Rápido y efectivo
Resulta muy fácil de usar por el poco tiempo que hay que mantenerlo aplicado. Es muy efectivo si se siguen las instrucciones y se repite la aplicación al los siete días.
Review by Pilar / (Posted on 01/02/2017)
Rapido y efectivo
Para mi, el mas rapido y efectivo
Review by Aitziber / (Posted on 02/06/2016)
Recomendable, se puede usar con niños mayores de un año. Hay que repetir mejor a los 8-10 días, y cubrir el pelo con gorro o film de plástico para más efectividad. Dejar un poco más de tiempo que lo que viene en el folleto
Review by noelia / (Posted on 24/05/2016)
Realmente eficaz como inconveniente, deja el pelo graso y hay que lavar varias veces
Review by Consumidora mifarma / (Posted on 14/10/2015)
Review by RAQUEL JOSEFA / (Posted on 26/07/2015)
Buen producto
Me gusta porque la lendrera es más estrecha que la habitual en esos productos, y no es muy agresivo. Es efectivo y rápido.
Review by Auskalo / (Posted on 23/07/2015)
En dos palabras "Im precionante"
Lo mejor para la peque. Efectividad sin olores y bichitos al río. Un día rascando y se acabó. Muy recomendable
Review by Garçon rascón / (Posted on 20/10/2014)
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