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Frontline Combo is an easy to use, Wormer for cats that fought effectively adult fleas and their eggs and larvae, lice and ticks

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Frontline Combo cats 3 pipettes

Frontline Combo is an antiparasitic for easy to use cats and spot-on format.

It offers your pet an excellent protection against adult fleas and their eggs and larvae, and against lice and ticks.

It is formulated with fipronil and (S) - methoprene.

Frontline Combo is one of the few products marketed in Spain which has in its composition a molecule adulticide, for adult fleas, and a molecule that removes the immature stages (eggs and larvae), which makes it a very complete against fleas for pets.

How to use Frontline Combo

Apply to the skin well dry. It is very important to separate the hair between the shoulder blades so that the skin becomes well visible.

Do not use on pets of less than 2 kg or less than 8 weeks old.

The application in the cat should be at the base of the head to avoid that the animal be lama product. Wait 2 days after application before bathing the pet.

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