Fluorkin daily rinse Mint 500 ml Pack 2 x 1

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Daily oral hygiene ally.

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Regular Price: £6.85




Fluorkin daily rinse Mint 500 ml

Daily oral hygiene ally.

You can access all the oral cavity, where does toothpaste or brush, and prolongs anticaries action and anti-plaque mouth for a longer time, as well as ensuring a fresh breath.


-As a preventative of dental caries.
-In those cases in which the decay process is already present (it promotes the remineralization of enamel).
-In patients subject to factors that may cause tooth decay as they are the carriers of orthodontic appliances, using salivary flow depressant drugs, as well as carriers of partials, etc.
-In patients with sensitive dental neck.

How to use

In adults and in children over 5 years, once a day, preferably before bedtime.

After brushing and without diluting the product, perform 1 daily rinsing with 15 ml of product, ensuring the fluid to pass between all the teeth.

It is advisable to not ingest food or drink until after a minimum of half an hour after use. Do not ingest.

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Fresco y no pica
Sabor muy agradable y nada agresivo.
Review by INÉS / (Posted on 05/12/2017)
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