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Wrinkle filler: hyaluronic acid Nanosomes to a deep filling.

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Nano Sesderma Fillderma 30 ml 30 ml

Wrinkle filler: hyaluronic acid Nanosomes to a deep filling.

Why are the wrinkles?

The main cause of the formation of wrinkles is the loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, an inevitable phenomenon that occurs as we age.

In addition, with the passage of time, the skin becomes more dry and rough to needing one higher hydration contribution.

A poorly hydrated skin favors the formation of wrinkles.

Who can use Filldermanano?

Fillderma nano is a filling option for women and men who wish to rejuvenate your face and reduce the signs of aging.

Recommended for people who do not want to use microinjections or who wish to prolong the effects of the same.

When will I see the results of hyaluronic acid?

The results are almost immediate and long lasting.

In less than an hour, you will notice a visible improvement in the appearance of your skin and a significant reduction of wrinkles.

Filling is performed after using the product for 6 - months.

How long is the treatment?

Treatment time: 2 applications a day (morning and night) for 4-6 months.

From that moment, perform maintenance treatment with 2 or 3 applications a week.

Is Filldermanano a supplement to the micro injections of filler?

Yes, since it is without doubt a perfect complement to inject botulin toxin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, grease your body ...

Fillderma nano can be applied after these procedures.

In addition, nano Fillderma reinforces and extends the effects of the micro-injections.

And to fill the Perioral wrinkles around the lips?

The skin of the lips is a very delicate and unprotected skin stop external aggression, therefore in these cases we recommend Fillderma Lips, specific system for the care of lips and their contour.

Fill the Perioral wrinkles, reaffirms, profiles and gives volume.

Sesderma Fillderma Duo:

Fillderma Duo wrinkle filling system, now is nano, with hyaluronic acid and peptides Fillderma encapsulated in liposomes for a deep filling.

Thanks to its active ingredients now encapsulated in nanosomes Gets a filling more profound and lasting, in addition to a fast prenetration towards the lower layers of the skin.

This new nanotechnology of encapsulation of assets is a cosmetic innovation in the wrinkle filler.

Fillderma nano provides high and low molecular weight, soluble collagen hyaluronic acid, peptides, gotu Kola, NIACINAMIDE, fermented sweet black tea and urea.

Regenerating and intensely filling skin.


After many years of research to maximize the penetration of the active principles present in cosmetic creams and enhance repair of fibers of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic in dermal matrix, the hydration of the skin or the reduction of the size of the spots, reach the market of dermocosmetics the nanosomes.

The nanosomes (or liposomes in nano size) are tiny vesicles (50-200 nm), composition identical to the cells of the body (phospholipids), which allow encapsulating and transporting active principles while these rust or degrade until the moment of its release.

These qualities make products with nanosomes to reach an efficiency superior to traditional cosmetic creams and prolonged in time result.


There is no risk of rejection by the body of the nanosoma because its structure is analogous to our cells; In addition, the risk of toxicity or adverse reaction does not exist, since the products are formulated without perfumes and a quantity of active ingredient less than that are included in the formulations of traditional creams.

This is possible because the nanosoma is directed and fully releases the active in the place of action.

Thus, with the least amount of product, the result is greater.

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Customer Reviews of Nano Sesderma Fillderma 30 ml 30 ml

100% recomendable
Realmente funciona, un producto genial, vale la pena pagar su precio, lo seguiré utilizando
Review by Rosa Maria / (Posted on 05/09/2017)
Vaya sorpresa. Después de utilizar varias cremas de esta marca, retiage y lifting, que eran buenas, esta es la mejor. En apenas 10 días, he notado mi piel mas estirada y casi ha borrado mis arrugas de expresión en frente y labio superior. Dos veces al día y combinándola con una buena hidratante por la noche. La mantengo en frío y es un placer aplicarla. Y el precio insuperable. Muy contenta con Mifarma

Review by Kina / (Posted on 07/08/2017)
Estoy sorprendida por los resultados ya que me está ayudando a rellenar marcas profundas de acné en sólo una semana de uso aplicandolo mañana y noche. Lo combino con Abrademol una vez por semana. Es un poco caro el tratamiento para llevar 30ml pero es cierto que se ven los cambios en la piel así que volveré a comprarlo.
Review by Cliente habitual / (Posted on 11/02/2016)
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