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Thickening formula suitable for babies with regurgitation, reflux and small milk vomiting after the shots. 6 m


Content Price: 0.26€/10g


Content Price: 0.26€/10g


Content Price: 0.26€/10g


Important notice:

Breastfeeding gives babies the best nutrition. Follow the advice of health professionals with regard to the use of infant formulas and feeding your baby. Do not change the formula without consulting a health professional.

2 Enfalac AR 800 grams

With rice starch easy to digest, to achieve a greater number of shots without regurgitation

Enfalac AR 2 (anti-reflux) is a formula with thickener for dietary treatment of infants with regurgitation, reflux and small milk vomiting after the shots.

It is complete from the nutritional point of view and can be used as part of a diversified diet.

Reflux is a common power problem, so don't worry; However, if you have concerns, talk to your pediatrician, who will provide you with practical advice to treat reflux and advice about if Enfalac AR 2 is appropriate for your baby.

Results from a study with Enfalac AR 2 showed a reduction of regurgitations in frequency and volume, a significant decrease of the associated symptoms (cough, constrictions, sudden jumps, nausea) and improvement of sleep.

Enfalac AR 2 contains a special, special rice starch thickener because it is liquid in the bottle and only thickens in the stomach of your baby.

This makes Enfalac AR 2 easy to manage because it flows through a conventional teat.

This rice starch is hypoallergenic rice is recommended as one of the first food for weaning babies and is a natural choice for the treatment of infant reflux. It has been shown that Enfalac AR 2 is digested easily and is well tolerated by the bebes1.

Enfalac AR Lipil 2 lacks gluten.

As it is based on cow's milk, Enfalac AR 2 has a similar flavor to the usual formulas for babies, it is well accepted.

Enfalac AR 2 contains Lipil, our specific blend of important fatty acids with DHA at appropriate levels and DHA (omega 3) ratio / ARA (omega-6) that are in proportion to the breast milk (in the range recommended by the experts).

Fatty acids are found naturally in breast milk and the DHA is one of the important elements for the development of your baby's brain eye.

Enfalac AR 2 with Lipil is easily prepared at room temperature, but carefully follow the instructions on the Tin when preparing your baby making.

Once prepared, Enfalac AR Lipil 2 has a stable formula and a viscosity adapted bottle that facilitates the suction.

It passes through a conventional dummy without making any lumps.

Carefully follow the mixing instructions on labels

Pharmaceutical review

Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies. Follow the advice of healthcare professionals regarding the use of baby formulas and feeding your baby. Do not change the formula without first consulting a healthcare professional.

Mode of use

Follow the instructions on the can carefully when making your baby's intake.

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