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Interdental brushes Plus Micro 0.9 (SS)

Regular Price: £8.35


Regular Price: £8.35




Dentaid Interprox Plus Micro units

Interproximal brushes 0.9 (SS)

It is the new generation of Interprox PLUS range of brushes Interprox Plus allow to effectively clean the interproximal spaces, and help protect against caries and periodontal disease.

Interprox Plus Micro brushes remove the accumulated dental biofilm in the interproximal spaces, between orthodontic appliances and around implants and fixed prosthesis.

Its head at an angle makes the arrival to the posterior interproximal spaces.


Resistance due to the new manufacturing process ensures the highest quality.

The new anchorage system and design protects the wire and fix its structure inside.

Flexibility the brush wire is in the neck of the handle, offering greater adaptation and cleaning the inter-proximal spaces.

Quality rigorous compliance with regulations ISO 16409 (international standard for interdental brushes).

Tynex strands white and black to detect bleeding and presence of dental biofilm points respectively.

Protection stainless steel wire is covered with polyurethane (plastic), to protect mucosal structures, dental and implants.

Ease of operation have a protective cap that allows you to comfortably transport the brush to be used outside the home; and the blister keeps the order of brushes and preserves the optimum conditions of hygiene.

How to use

1. use Interprox most suitable size for each space.

The brush must enter loosely, so that they are the strands, and not the wire, which are in contact with the teeth.

2 move the brush from the inside out, without turning it. To more easily clean the further parts, attach the protective cap to the handle.

3. the upper part of the handle has been specially designed angle for easy access to all areas.

Warnings and suggestions

Interprox Plus brushes are recommended for interdental spaces in the area of the premolars.

This is because its angle allows an entry perpendicular, avoiding causing wounds on the gums.

With its handle, you can move the cheeks and avoid hassles.

For spaces in the farthest tooth recommend Interprox® Access due to its more elongated handle allows you to get more easily without pressing a greater opening of the mouth and cheeks.

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Customer Reviews of Dentaid Interprox Plus Micro units

Perfecto por su forma
La forma del cepillo hace que sea muy fácil el cepillado entre todos los dientes y muelas. Mucho mejor que los cepillos interdentales rectos.
Review by Alma / (Posted on 04/03/2017)
Perfecto para limpiar entre los dientes
Al principio usaba los interprox rectos, pero estos con forma curvada son mucho más cómodos. Son perfectos para limpiar entre los dientes y encima en el pack de 10 te ahorras dinero.
Review by JDM / (Posted on 10/05/2014)
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