Cysticlean Forte 30 sachets

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Natural extract for health and well-being urinary

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Cysticlean Forte 30 sachets

Cysticlean is a concentrated extract of Red Cranberry for health and well-being urinary.

It contains dry extract of American cranberry PAC above 8 mg and 80 mg of vitamin C.

Due to its natural composition, cranberry extract is a plant source of quinic acid, citric acid and Malic acid.

Cysticlean Forte is recommended in those cases in which is appropriate to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

With vitamin C

It is highly recommended to drink water to urinate regularly and maintain proper hygiene of our Genitourinary apparatus.

Don't forget if discomfort persists to go to a doctor.

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Quiero que me digan la posologia,la cantidad en cada sobre y cada capsula, y los sobres y capsulas de cada embase,le doy las gracias y espero su respuesta.
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