Compeed large 2 hardness units

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Ideal for the hardships of calluses under the foot

Regular Price: £5.30


Regular Price: £5.30




Compeed large 2 hardness units

This product of hardness that appear on the feet.

Includes a protective gel that provides relief and hydration.

It reduces the pain easily.

How to use

<p class = "text"> 1. For best results, smoothing the skin of the hardships by soaking the feet in water warm for a few minutes. Remove the hardened skin gently scratching with the nails of the fingers or rubbing with a towel. Do not use files. Dry the skin thoroughly.

<p class = "text"> 2. Heat dressing with your hands for 1 minute before application.

<p class = "text"> 3. Remove the printed paper and the white protective paper.

<p class = "text"> 4. Avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers.

<p class = "text"> 5. Heat for another minute, leaving his hand on the product, once applied this.

<p class = "text"> 6. Repeat the treatment from the outset, eliminating skin softened after each foot bath, until hardness go slowly disappearing and the skin becomes soft.


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