Thanks to family reconciliation, many fathers and mothers can work from home with a reduction in working hours, which allows them to take care of their family. This is a way to contribute or generate a healthy and conscious family well-being, a concept that implies much more than the lack of diseases. Not only what we eat, but also what we do and what we receive through our senses plays a factor in our level of well-being. In this post we are going to offer you some tips on healthy habits in the family environment.


World Day of Families is celebrated on May 15. And in this globalized world, uncertain and changing, we are concerned that something is going wrong, especially for all the news that appears in the media and Social Networks. Among these information appear innumerable problems that affect childhood and adolescence.

It is normal that we worry, but sometimes we forget the enormous capacity we have to build, to contribute, to teach our children that we can always do something to contribute to a better world. And it is that living a life committed to the welfare of others and not only that of our most intimate environment, constitutes a factor of obvious protection for the whole family.

And in the same way, we are contributing to children developing the idea of ​​a world in which everything is not perfect, in which there is suffering and injustice, but in which it is possible to act when someone needs help, because if at any time he requires it himself, he will know how to ask for it.



We can start by creating positive family habits and a lifestyle that promotes health. If we are healthy, we can better face all the challenges we want to achieve.

In Mifarma we want to bet on some tips so that your family life is also full of well-being for you and yours. Because undoubtedly, healthy habits in food, hygiene, physical exercise and education, are learned at home and sharing moments with the family.



1º. Avoid unhealthy habits like spending a lot of time watching TV or playing the video game console. On the contrary, it encourages them to practice sports and physical exercise. This will prevent them from being overweight and will provide them with well-being and a good attitude towards life.

2nd. Create healthy habits that can be shared by the whole family, such as a bike ride, a field trip or a simple table game. This will help your communication and confidence, and will teach you to develop important skills such as empathy and assertiveness.

3º. Teach your children to value food, its origin, its preparation, how they are cooked, etc ... If they see in you a commitment to know and select the healthiest, they will imitate it and develop it too. These habits will provide you with good health and the energy necessary to face all the daily challenges.

4t.  On hygiene, it is important that they learn to be autonomous and disciplined at the time of showering, washing their teeth and hands, ... this will provide them with self-confidence and teach them habits that will help them to coexist with the the rest.

5th The physical, emotional and intellectual development of your children is fundamental. With habits such as reading, coexistence with silence and conversations. The most effective way for them to carry it out is to see it in you and find suitable times and places to do it.


From Mifarma we advise you some products that will undoubtedly help you maintain your health and hygiene:



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Choose the product of this line that best suits each member of your entire family and your skin type. So that the fear of sunburn is not a reason to stop enjoying outdoors, ISDIN offers a wide range of top quality protectors.



The creams or treatments that contain calendula, reduce the inflammation, favor the regeneration of the tissues and strengthen the skin of external aggressors. It is especially recommended for babies, whose skin is much more sensitive, but can be used by all members of the family.


And you know that the lifestyle is closely related to the general behavior of society, but it is very important that parents and moms serve as models. That is, if the family practices healthy habits, it is much easier to convince the children to do the same, and its effects will last throughout their lives.


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