Bie3 white tea 25 teabags organic

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Effective antioxidant and purifying

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Regular Price: £6.85




Bio3 white tea 25 bags

Elixir of youth

Numerous studies indicate that drinking tea brings health benefits and ratify the properties of this infusion to reduce the risk of various diseases including skin cancer.

It acts as an effective antioxidant and purifying.

It increases the body's defenses.

Combat fatigue and is not exciting.

How to use:

Put pod in water to boil.

Let stand a few minutes.

Sweeten to taste and drink it hot.

Breathing its aroma and enjoy its flavor.

Take two or three cups a day.


Only white tea, White Peony, Pal Mu so Supreme selection. The young shoots of a unique variety of wild tea collecting at the moment are in a fine white hair covers and with all its aroma are exclusively collected.

Produced in Japan where they are more delicate, complex and natural sweetness, free of pollution and with all its aroma and flavor.

Box with 25 bags filter, without clamp, with 2 g.

Packaged in hand sealed.

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