Babymoov Cosydream Smokey anti-tip pad

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Pad indicated roll to maintain a correct position of the baby at all times is turned or it can fall

Regular Price: £69.72


Regular Price: £69.72




Babymoov Cosydream Smokey anti-tip pad

The World Health Organization had ratified is the most correct position for a baby from 0 to months sleeping mouth up.

Maintain this position is complicated further that there is a risk of developing the syndrome of head flat or positional plagiocephaly but Babymoov has found a solution.

Pad roll Cosydream has been designed to ensure optimal dorsal position of the baby thanks to its positioning with micropearls filling roll which also elevates his legs.

Integrates a head guard to maintain a well round head.

Materials have been carefully selected to guarantee maximum comfort and softness.

Its foam is equipped with shape memory to provide a more comfortable experience.

Indicated from the birth of the baby until 4-6 months of age (use already is not suitable when the baby begins to turn only).

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