A.Vogel Biotta celery juice 500ml

The celeriac is a variety of celery stalk, common in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe and, since ancient times, it has been highly appreciated for its purifying effects throughout the body.

It highlights the presence of an aromatic essence, which is primarily responsible for its flavor and its medicinal properties in celery.

They include a clear diuretic effect due to the essential oil and the presence of potassium, which activate the production of urine , which fought the disposal of waste from our body and improves resilience and the course in some rheumatic conditions.

Contribute favorably to the balance of acid in the blood; It is very important, since excessive blood acidity contributes to the suffering conditions of joints.


Depurative, diuretic, you heal.

How to use

Drink a glass before each meal. Well ensalive juice and drink it slowly.

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