Avene Eluage Gel anti-wrinkle concentrate 15 ml

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Smoothes and fills very localized wrinkles: wrinkles, stretch marks, nasogenianas, mouth contour, front ...


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Avene Eluage Gel anti-wrinkle concentrate 15 ml


Engineered for smoothing and filling the very localized wrinkles (wrinkles, stretch marks, nasogenianas, mouth contour, front ...), his face visibly rejuvenated.

Your benefits:

or firming: their Association of Retinaldehyde with Hyaluronic acid fragmented (AHF) redensifies the skin and jump starts the metabolism of skin cells.

or wrinkle: anti-wrinkle and firming effect is immediate.

or calming: the thermal water of Avène, soothing and anti-irritant, attempts to your skin a sensation of immediate comfort.

Is suitable for my?

Anti-wrinkle concentrate Eluage is indicated to skins with wrinkles and deep furrows.

The right gesture

or use in the evening, after hygiene

. or first apply Eluage cream on the face and neck.

or complete with Eluage concentrated anti-wrinkle directly over the areas to be treated. Do not massage, applied by delicate touches.


Anti-wrinkle concentrate Eluage is a careful restructuring specifically reserved to the areas of the face marked by wrinkles and deep grooves (from the nose to the mouth, houndstooth, corners of lips ...), the concentrated Eluage anti-wrinkle has a immediately noticeable straightening effect.
Throughout the day, wrinkles are dimmed, the wrinkles and deep furrows are reduced. Features light up and the face recovers its expression of softness. With a non-greasy texture, the anti-wrinkle concentrate Eluage are very welcome to apply. Its pharmaceutical edge gives you an instant tightening effect. Anti-wrinkle concentrate Eluage is delicately colored (peach) and perfumed.

Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic product


  1. Anti-irritant and soothing
    Thanks to the Avène thermal water.
  2. Anti-aging, hydration and firmness
    Thanks to the synergic action of the fragments of hyaluronic acid and retinaldehyde.
  3. Tensioner
    Thanks to the action of acrylic copolymers


  • 5% Avène thermal water
  • Fragments of hyaluronic acid 1% and 0.05% retinaldehyde
  • Acrylic copolymers


Care anti-age of filling deep furrows and wrinkles.

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